Magistrates of the Roman Republic (2021)

Elected Magistrates of the Res publica Romana / Magistratus Ordinarii

Magistrates are the daily administrators of the Roman Republic. They ensure all functions of our community run smoothly. They are elected by one of three possible assemblies consisting of all citizens members, the Centuriate Assembly, Tribal Assembly and the Plebeian Assembly. Together they are the stewards of the various aspects of our community and serve our citizen-members.

Each magistrate has particular duties approximated to ancient magisterial equivalents of the republic of antiquity.  However, each magistrate also has a corporate equivalent role. For instance, consuls are managers of our non-profit, censors are secretaries and so on.

Magistrates of
M. Flavio A. Iulio Cos.


Associate Manager


Resource Assistant

Plebeian Tribune
Member’s Advocate

General Assistant

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