Office of the Princeps Senatus

Office of the Princeps Senatus / Officium Principis Senatus

The Princeps Senatus is the office of the most senior senator. Seniority is determined in order of precedence by highest offices held, length of time on the Senate, and duration of time as a citizen of the Roman Republic. The censors have the power to appoint a senator to this office based on seniority criteria. As in antiquity, this office holds great prestige and honour.

Within the Res publica, the Princeps Senatus has some additional privileges. They may summon sessions of the Senate, add items to the agenda, impose rules of order during Senate sessions, and adjourn senate meetings. For ceremonial purposes, their person represents the dignity and honour of the Senate.

Lucius Aurelius Curio

(2017 – 2022)

A message from our Princeps Senatus

L. Aurelius Curio Princ. Sen. Sal.

It has been two years since the founding of our community, and just recently the passing of the torch for the honorable position of Princeps Senatus.  In this time, we have achieved a strong presence in the Roman community, standing for virtue and honor to everyone.  Our outgoing Princeps Senatus, Lucius Vitellius Triarius, is a virtuous man who did the honorable course of action by stepping down when it became apparent he was unable to carry out his duties to the level the position deserves.  He is a selfless figure that I hope to emulate in the coming years as your Princeps Senatus, a position which I am eternally grateful to be given the chance to assume by our current Censores.  

Moreover, we have created a strong and varied body of legislators.  Our Senate is composed of many individuals of varying backgrounds, who all answered the call to serve our organization as magistrates.  This was rewarded by acceptance to the consulting body on legislative matters.  I believe firmly in the honor and integrity of our Senatores, both past, and present.

As your Princeps Senatus, I shall strive to uphold the current laws we hold, as well as make sure that the power remains always and forever in the hands of the citizens.  We as Senatores serve you, not the other way around.  In our capacity as sitting members of the Senate, we should strive to only pass leges that are beneficial to our citizens, present, and future.

If you’re a member of our community, I ask that you bring any concerns or improvements you can think of to myself or any Senator.  Your voice and ideas could make all the difference in the direction our community takes.  No one person, or even small group of people, will have all the ideas for improvement.  So I implore you, speak up and be heard!  Contact your magistrates and Senatores, that is what we are here for.

Lastly, I encourage each citizen out there to go out and be active in the community we all hold dear to our hearts.  This is how we grow and develop in the years to come.  A new citizen today, could be a voice on the Senate in the next year or two.  Service and virtue are rewarded in our organization, as it should be.  I look forward to what the future may bring, and for your valued input and participation.  

Bona Fortuna!

L. Aurelius Curio

Princeps Senatus

Previous citizens who served as Princeps Senatus

Lucius Vitellius Triarius


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