Provincia / Provinces

Provincia / Chapters of the Roman Republic

The membership of the Roman Republic is divided up into local chapters based on geographic location. These chapters are called provinces.

Regional groups can have a governor appointed to oversee the activities of the province and organize the citizen-members in the region. Provinces are vital to the life of the republic. We are an online organization that utilizes the internet to organize grassroots activities offline. Provinces are were offline, face-to-face contact is most often made. Provinces are where Romanitas can be best lived and experienced.

It is strongly encouraged that citizen-members contact others in their province and become acquainted with those who are within their local community.

All citizens are encouraged to organize local activities and meetups within their provinces. Assisting in the organization of these provincial meetings is a rewarding and critically important way to become involved in modern Roman life!

Roman Republic | Respublica Romana

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